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Never ending cycle

May 14, 2010

Do you ever wake up and wonder if today is going to be any better than yesterday? Or not even better but at least different? And not different as in my child did not poop today? Today my different thing was DH helped me wash the outside windows. Then he took me to get milk for the kids. WA-hooo?! maybe? BUT i mean at least we arent fighting. and its really weird not to be fighting. He is really trying and I know I am PMSing. no wins here. What is going to make tomorrow better? Maybe I could sleep in? Doubt it. Maybe take a nap during the day? Oh no, cant do that, someone has to clean. Why am I soooo tired? I cant imagine yoga tires you out that much. The playhhouse is coming along nicely. Our camera is dead so you wont get any new pics of anything for a while. Maybe we can get one on payday? I just want a break. A good quiet, no mommy calling, just to do what i want. Greedy aint I. I guess I’ll just be happy with the naggy husband who has OCD.

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