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May 12, 2010

I am super bored and exhausted. Yesterday I was gripped with this heavy depression. I woke up today feeling better but almost manic in my energy. I really hate that. Maybe I am just bipolar? According to DD2 all women are. I bet DH would agree to that. I kind of would like to sew but am completely out of ideas. I think I have done all I wanted to at the moment. I need gas in the truck. Guess kids will be walking tomorrow.

I am not a good housewife or stay home mom. I dont like to cook, def hate cleaning, tired of changing diapers, not cool with all the bowing and scraping to the husband who gets to get away all day and be the “breadwinner” Super sick of being “mom” . I never get the house clean enough am not an organized person, forgets to buy milk, runs out of gas. I didnt want this for me.

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