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Hump Day

April 28, 2010

So not a whole lot going on today, DD2 has shots this afternoon, DD1 dance is setting up at ahs but dont know if i am doing either. most like will sew, sheebs is over there taking off her diaper.

Ok, so shots went well, not all that bad, but had to deal with fussy bratty child ALL day, then fussy bratty husband. Its ok, for some reason unknown, my dad is griping him out on the phone right now, kind of interested as to why but kinda not you know.

Got DD1 ballet costumes done, may she never ever know how much i hate those damn things and how i plan a big bonfire with those as fuel.

I have been doing yoga in the mornings. my shoulders and arms ache, i am absolutely out of shape. ok roundish pillow is a shape, but not the one im aiming for. not really my wrists or hands, just every where else.

Nurse was super disaproving of me for her being so behind on shots but she can be snotty all she wants I have to live with the brat! OK shes not a brat but she can be!

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