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April 8, 2010

DD2 was in the ER from 10 am to 4 pm it totally sucked and i am totally dissapointed and let down by my husband for not being able to Man Up and help me out by showing his ass up. I dont care what his excuse is, I FUCKING NEED HIM! How can I stay with a man like? Can I let my kids grow up with a male figure like that? What do I do? I dont know, I cannot handle things all the time and I know he give me shit for taking my pills but that is all I’ve got. There is going to be time when my dad isnt going to be here for me. What do I do? Can I have someone help me, should I keep this marriage for that exact reason? I cannot do this for the rest of my life! I cannot! I cant! Maybe going to church again on sunday will help. This burden is getting to be too much for me. DD2 really stinks and I guess I should change her. where is the nanny when you need her?

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