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January 24, 2010

can i repurpose my husband?  it has been a super long week with everyone getting sick.  and DH is the biggest baby of them all.   I would rather change explosive diapers then spend another weekend trapped with this man!  Someone help me, if  i could I’d send him home to his own momma!  Dear god I need a break with “Prince Valium”  it never ends around here.. And here is DD to tell me she is hungry.  Everyone else is sick but she is hungry.  DD also has ballet tomorrow.  wish this was today.  I could so get away now.  again referring to the Prince.  DD must have heard the clicking of my keyboard because now she is hovering about how she doenst want to be fat  when she grows up.  she doesnt want to be extra fat or kinda fat she wants to be skinny.  sad that this conversation is occuring now when she is only 5 about to be 6.  ok back to repurposing my husband.  any takers?  I’ll trade someone for a waffle iron.  Doesnt even have to be new!  ttyl

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