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Ballet shoes

January 14, 2010

its really hard to keep up the good wife facade when you are worn out and frustrated.  and yes there are little “wins” the biggie is still ignored.  i am very let down by DH.  what is important to me is not at all a concern to him  MS and YS just came home from church.  I am so down… I had a long day with DD2, I am really down. DD ballet class was moved to mondays.  I was ready to pull out my costumes for DH today and then he tells this?  argh.  disgusted, tired, worn,  can i keep this thing up?  we are just on the 13th, can i even make it to the end of the month.  ok about the damn ballet shoes.  You realize I have raised boys.  DD is my first girl, so I couldnt figure out that why her 1 sizes were too big and her 12s too small.  This dummy didnt know girls shoes went to 13!!! where have i been?  at least i took DD with me to try on the shoes this time.  3rd time was def the charm… Im tired  going to bed soon…

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