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Nothing good…

January 12, 2010
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Nothing good comes out of telling your naked wife “wait”.  Last night I strip down, lotion up with my “good” lotion, and jump into bed and wait for DH.  20 minutes later he finally come strolling in.  I tell him to come to bed.  I tell him again.  Finally I’m like, “Hey, I’m naked! Get in bed!”  He then tells me to “wait” because he wants to smoke and shower.  Nice, really f*cking nice.  Well, we all know how the story ends.  I made sure I was fast asleep by time he got done with his b.s.  Operation Mother Theresa is now over.  By his own doing.

Ok back to the mominatrix….

8. new bra

9.  get a new sex toy

10.  use your hands

11. kegels!  you know what im talking about!   your guy will love you! and honestly you will too!

12. sext messaging

13. shower together

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