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Thought of the day..

January 11, 2010

ok, so my understanding is that men have to have sex.  irregardless of what else might be going on in their lives.  they have no control over their impulses.  unlike us, when they have a shitty day, they just want to get laid.  whereas I personally would like a massage, glass of wine and a bath.  how does this work?  why are they made this way.  ok my thoughts need to get passed that men cannot control their bodies.  they need sex like we need pedicures,  unfortunately you dont get a pedicure every time you give him some.  sorry.  anyways operation mother theresa is on day 4, seems still to be working.  this will not be happening all year long.    In otherwords give him sex and he will let you be.  In almost every area of life.  Odd how that works.  and that yes men intentionally forget birthdays, holidays, and anniversarys.  they dont feel like you give them special attention why would they give you any?  ok my ramblings are done.

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