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Nap, Sewing, and Football

January 10, 2010

This afternoon I took a nap, which was nice. I prob slept 3 hours.  Must have needed it.  Anyways I’d like to work on my sewing project but DD2 is totally against it.  I know I got to sleep earlier but so did she.  DH is in there watching the Dallas game.  totally pissy if anyone goes in there.  I am stuck in the bedroom with a fussy baby.  I know the book said I need to let him have his time and do what he wants, within reason, but jeez.  How is it fair?  It’s like I have the good angel and bad devil sitting on my shoulder arguing with each other.  My life is easier if I give more leeway to him, but then when do I get mine.  Its not as if he took care of her while I napped.  She was ASLEEP..  Ok ok. i will quit griping and I think the baby is finally asleep.  A sewing I will go.  IF I get anything done tonight, I’ll post a pic.

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