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Man Beating Books

January 9, 2010

That is what DH has deemed my “self help books”   While I am trying to better myself for our marriage, he has decided that my books are nothing but man bashing books.  Funny thing is that the books are the furthest thing from them.  Seriously, how sexy do you feel after you have gotten up, changed poopy diapers, gotten 3 other kids up, fed, dressed and sent to school, cleaned the house, washed laundry, made lunch, picked up kids from school, then there is homework, snacks, cleaning again, lucky if you can squeeze a shower, dinner, clean again, baths for the kids, and then bed, then he rolls over and jabs you, expecting you to jump on him and ride him like you did 8 years and so many kids ago.  Didnt that usually involve alcohol anyway?  C’mon!  So back to the books.  They encourage to give and give and give, no matter how unreasonable it seem.  Well, as far as that goes, its worth a try.  SOOOO tired of fighting and arguing.  Seriously, really, i used to like sex, lots and lots of it, so why am i holding myself back?  Yes all the gajillian reasons I mentioned earlier are there, but they have been there and will be there at least for the next 18 years, so either I need to get over it or be single.  (not an option as I am secretly in love with DH)  So for my new years resolution….. I will Learn to be a Housewife.  man bashing book(not)

According to DH I made the kitchen curtains so long that he cant look out the window anymore, while I didnt do that, if I would have thougth about it I sure as hell wouldve!

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