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In the toilet again….

January 9, 2010

DD2 was playing in the toilet again.  Does it NEVER end?!    My head hurts!  I forgot to get my sons prescription this week and OMG he needs it.  dear lord, please quiet him down.  Ok day 2 of Operation Mother Theresa.  So far its worked.  I dont know if well enough to have “earned” a nap.  So DD’s friend left and MS & friend are gone, kicked out YS 2 friends so <sigh> almost quiet.  except the adhd boy off his meds.  DD is crying cause YS keeps telling her we are gonna pull her teeth out with pliers.  Ok, so for tonights agenda, another round with DH. maybe sit in there while he watches the Dallas game (gak).  Little steps, I am really trying to be interested in my husband.  Well he is gone to his parents so I am going to do my routines.  Screaming baby in the back ground,

So I guess mother theresa is working DH brought home some wine today with out me asking, which is nice since I have asked every day for a week.

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