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January 9, 2010

It is saturday, I have $5o to last until next friday or saturday.  Lets look at the pantry to see what we will be eating this week or not.  So the freezer holds chicken, hamburger meat, sausage, tamales, cfs, 2 flour torts and 1 corn,  fridge is kinda sparse.  pantry has corn, ranch beans, beans, tom sauce, rotel, mash pot, spag, giant can of cream of mush, and peanut butter.  I see a lot of peanut butter sandwiches in the immediate future.

Ok, so its…

Breakfast options

pancakes, cereal, sweet rice, cinnamon toast, french toast, eggs.  easy enough


Peanut butter sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Ramen, tamales, chili, tacos, egg sands.

Dinner ~ although DH said if he ate any more poultry he’d turn into a bird. 

Fried Chicken, strognoff, chili, tamales, boston baked beans, mackie, beans taco, meat loaf.

I am totally getting my ideas from THe Hillbilly Housewifes $70 menu.  I am sure I can do it as I already have a bulk of the grocerys.  I have just realized I will have to get diapers too.  so take my $50 and knock it down to $40.

Need to get moving so I can meet the girls at the store…ugh  its damn cold outside


Saturday, I have claimed for mommy day, even if I dont  get any mommy time, i will look good doing it.  So from now on every sat morning I am going to get up get dressed (take a shower!!!) put on make up, do my hair AND make sure my toes are painted.  Cause only I can take care of me.  I just looked at my toes, I havent had a pedicure since July.  Nice, especially since the polish is still on 2 and a half toes.  Really nice.

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